Flabby Legs

How to Get Rid of Flabby Legs

Flabby legs and summer just don’t go together.  No one wants to see someone in a bathing suite with a lot of cellulose.  Once you have leg flab, it can be hard to rid yourself of it.  It seems like an entire industry has grown up around the notion that there is an easy way to rid yourself of fat.

You will find a plethora of advertisements in magazines and on the internet for diet drinks and pills that will supposedly make it easy to lose weight and achieve the statuesque figure of a supermodel.  It’s enough to make you lose sleep at night.  Moreover, if you do get insomnia, you will find that late night infomercials have even more answers to your flab problems.  You might even consider getting some liposuction as the easy way out. 

The truth is, however, that if you want to get rid of flabby legs, you have to do it the old fashion way.  You have to earn it.  Here’s how.

Commit to Exercise

The first step in getting rid of flabby legs is committing to exercise.  It doesn’t much matter whether you join a gym or make plans with a friend to go walking every Saturday afternoon; you have to start somewhere.  So start wherever you can and commit to doing it.  Don’t try to overdo it at the beginning, however.  If you haven’t exercised in a year, committing to your city’s marathon is probably not a good idea.  Try to get yourself out the door to an exercise activity at least every other day.

Take the Stairs

Whenever you have a choice between walking or riding, taking the stairs or taking the elevator, opt for the more exercise rich activity.  So often we take the lazy way when the healthier opportunity presents itself.  If it is nice outside, why not walk from your office to lunch instead of drive there?  Why wait for the elevator when you can take the stairs and burn some calories?  Every little bit counts.

Eat Healthy

The other thing you can do is to eat healthy.  Instead of eating a candy bar during your break have a banana or an apple.  Don’t over do it on the sauces and try whenever possible to avoid fast food.  Take a cooking class and start making more of your own meals.  Try not to snack in between your meals either.  The key to a healthy diet and losing flab is to create a healthy lifestyle. 

Avoid Diet Plans

Don’t try these strange diet plans.  All diet plans really do is promote seesawing weights and poor health.  You want to build habits not go through three to four week plans.  So eat well and exercise, don’t count your carbs.

Target Your Legs

When you do get to the gym, look to target your legs.  A perfect exercise for getting rid of flabby legs is the stair climber.  Start on the easy setting and try to do at least a hundred repetitions.  As you get healthier and more confident, put to the higher setting.

Leg curls are also a great exercise.  They will work a completely different set of muscles.  Learn to enjoy the burn, but be sure not to overdo it.

If you like being in the outdoors, look to bike wherever you are going.  Dust off that old Schwinn and look to take it out for a spin wherever you go.  Maybe you can start biking to work, or going out with your kids to the park.  It can turn into great family fun.

When you can’t get away from your daily tasks look to do leg lifts from your office chair, or squats right in your living room.  An exercise DVD can really help you feel like you have a plan.  Get one that focuses on your legs.

Put simply, there are any number of ways that you can start burning fat and living healthier, pick one to start and make it a habit.  Once you got that one down, come back and add another one.  Soon you will feel and look better.